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djamrek | November 30, 2018 | 0 | History , Popular

Oopart (out of place artifact) is the term that works to dominate an object that has a historical, archaeological or paleontological interest in which it finds itself in a very unusual place or that goes so far as to challenge the chronology of history. This term is not purely scientific, but only for the paranormal enthusiast and para-scientists.

The ooparts have also been used by fans of ufology, as the basis of the theory of humanity, in which it is stressed that this would have been founded and altered by many more advanced or evolved extraterrestrial civilizations, that would be an explanation of how the peoples had scientific knowledge in certain areas, at least as advanced as the current ones.

Science may be skeptical of the interpretations that these objects show as out of place. A large number of people have refuted these objects as products of falsification or simply ignorance regarding the cultures they produced in object. There are some cases it is possible to verify that some artifact has been created with the technology that was not thought to have existed in the culture that built it. A piece that if I manage to change the understanding of the old technology, was the famous Antikythera mechanism, it is a mechanical equipment that has been validated as a real object. This is located in the years 150 – 100 a.C, its appearance is related to a clock, which dates back around 100 years before the investment of the clock. It has been believed that its creation is due to extraterrestrial visits. But as much as you can find Ooparts totally valid, it should be noted that not all are true as mentioned above, has always resorted to counterfeits to create a new feeling, among which we can highlight the following:

The stones of Ica, is an andesite stone that represents engravings of advanced technology in the Middle Paleolithic in Peru. Another would be the Michigan relics, are alleged religious objects possibly descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, this object was found in Michigan, United States. That would prove the existence of cultures of the Middle East, in pre-Columbian America.

These objects to be shown as false has caused several controversies, whether to believe or not in Ooparts, many people feel the desire to bring myths to reality, or be recognized by discoveries of so much controversy.

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