Let the love be

djamrek | December 2, 2018 | 0 | Love & Care , Popular

When sharing feelings and thoughts with a person we can get scared and that usually happens. You could say that it would be the most normal thing that could happen to a person, because it simply puts your heart and your emotional state at risk.

When it comes to the first love, sometimes we do not know what to do, few of us do not even know how to react and it is one of the limitations that we have to manage to act. So, what is recommended is that you realize that the butterflies are thrilled when you are with that special little person, is that you digest it first before the other person.

Do not you know that person who never dares to say the feelings to the person he likes? Well, that person despite the time he has not yet digested, is carried away by fear and consequences, such as the loss of a good friendship or simply that it is away from us to avoid future complications. To digest the feelings, to accept them, is the first thing that we must do at the time of falling in love, also to recognize them and to notice how strong they are, to know if they are really love or simply attraction.

After doing all that, you can continue to value. The courage to face everything that leads to being in love with someone who may not be, and despite that, if you are sure and think it is totally correct, you will do it and you will feel good, because it will be a weight less than what you you will free.

Love will always lead to moments of pain that will always be more marked than moments of happiness, but that is what it is about and that is why many feel fear.

The truth that what they really should do is not something timely or a scientific and effective method to avoid all the complications, much less a list of what to do to stop loving, it is not so simple, they are not scientific, they are not organized. They are supposed to be emotions and emotions are not ordered, then value, if I can tell you one thing, something you can take if you want as a first step, is to let that emotion be.

Many repress, deny their emotions for the sake of the other, but the best thing to feel good is to let it be as it is, then you can take the courage to say it, but if you do not accept it first, you can not expect the other person to do it.

Loving is not bad, even if it is beyond your reach, never doubt it, just let it be.

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