When we fell in love

It is inevitable, your hands start to sweat, your voice does not come out normally and every gesture that person makes you see it as if it were a new wonder. His voice catches you, although you do not usually hear it very well, sometimes you do not understand it, but that does not matter, you know very well that he looks cute when he does it. To look at your eyes is like looking at the sunlight, it is not a brightness that pity but it causes a warmth that penetrates all over your body, it paralyzes you, filling you with nerves but it calms you. You feel emotions so contradictory that it makes you think; you think of things you had not done before, things that were not normal in your consciousness, that were rare and that I didn’t even know existed. It is then, when you recognize it, when after seeing how your heart beats with such force that you feel that it is going to explode, it is when you know that you are in love and that there is no going back. 

You think it is not possible, that it could never happen but it happened. Without prior notice and without even being prepared for it. Love enveloped you as if it were a soft cloud that makes you float all over the sky. Many are deluded when they believe that this cloud will always go higher, rising, rising and rising, filling all those who participate in the beautiful act of love with happy emotions. But the reality is different, not many know it or perhaps do not want to know, but love is not so easy, happy, exciting as the movies tell us, it is so different that many decide to get off that cloud and get back on the ground. 

What they do not tell us is that this cloud can go down and many times it does it at a speed so fast that nobody realizes how something that rises so high could go down so fast until we crash into the ground. Many run with the luck that the cloud goes down calmly until it reaches the ground, announcing that the end of the trip has been reached. Everyone complains about why the breakthroughs happen, they all think that “everything was fine” but the truth is that it was not close to what really happened and it ends. 

Love works and not many know it, few comment it and others settle for their straight line relationship. But if you want to change or start working on love, you should consider five words whose meanings are important for a love, healthy, happy and strong: understanding, tolerance, respect, honesty, trust. You must continue to strive and work with those five values. 

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